Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Choosing Camera

Choosing camera is important in photography. And this is the question many of us asking. Yes, choosing camera is not a simple thing.

        There are two types of choosing methods. One for beginners & armature photographers that using camera for just a hobby and etc. And the other one for Professionals.

Method _ 1:
The method for these peoples is mainly the budget. That
means how much budget to spend for the camera. Then within the budget what kind of facilities
you need in the camera. For this you have to check the camera specifications.

Method _ 2:
This method is for professionals. First upon check the camera facilities what you need. For eg: high ISO, continues shutter speed, high dynamic range, high Pixels like etc etc.. This is belongs to your
nature of work, like wildlife photography, fashion photography, landscape photography, Interior photography, wedding photography, street photography like that. Because quality and clarity is
important to you. So budget also will be increase. But you can make good income from it.

      What I have to say to all peoples for going to buy new camera is, "Don't follow only the brand
name of the camera. You just follow the two methods I said."

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